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Now and for evermore

September, for me, is one of the most energizing months in the Western Cape. The weather is magnificently unpredictable - glorious days of sunshine alternating with remnant winter rainstorms. And the mountain slopes are gushing, aching with new growth. During this season we’ve been enjoying visits from two of our children (the third lives in Stellenbosch) and this past weekend, mother, daughter and daughter-in-law climbed Victoria Peak.

I live the day of a hike the way I would a journey. You leave the base invigorated by a sense of adventure; you immerse yourself in the glorious moments along the way – labouring up the path, resting your eyes on freshly framed vistas, cowering from the wind on top, lying beside the sun-kissed stream; and as your weary body reaches the end, you are filled with the relief and the warmth of the familiar.

If you read Psalm 121 you will see that it begins with a question:

If I lift my eyes to the hills, Where can I find help?

Growing up in Scotland we often sang this psalm in its metrical form, and I think, without knowing it, “the hills” entered deeply into my consciousness of the divine. But the psalmist’s answer to the question is not: “in the hills”. Rather, the hills symbolize the pilgrim’s journey. The answer lies deeper than the hills:

My help comes only from the Lord, Maker of heaven and earth. He will not let your foot stumble; He who guards you will not sleep.

As our children head forth into the world I pray that the Lord will guard them as they come and go.

The Lord will guard you against all harm; He will guard your life. The Lord will guard you as you come and go, Now and for evermore.

Ursula Reader

14 September 2014


Student Bible Study

The Bible Study takes place on Wednesdays, 17:30 at David's home in Die Boord. We are currently busy with the gospel of Mark. For more information navigate to the "Student Page" from the sidebar or chat to Hugo on whatsapp 071 218 8288.

The Website has been launched! Feel free to navigate through the site and make yourselves at home. Among the many features are the integration of Facebook & Twitter, weekly readings, events and an interesting history section.

Social Networks

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Scroll down to see the 3 associated Facebook pages. "Like" these pages and get more involved within the congregation and see what your church has been up to lately. Here, you will also be kept up to date with the latest news and information about events and projects. TwitterThis is a great place for new ideas, bible study groups and to put names to those familiar faces. Photo's or videos of past projects and events can be viewed and do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to contribute any relavent media. Stellenbosch United Church has also made it's way onto Twitter. Follow @StellenboschUC or view the latest tweets directly from the website.


Prayer Group

The Prayer Group meets in the church on Tuesdays and Fridays at 11h30 – 12h00.

Charity Shop

EnviroVet Community Veterinary Clinics has opened a White Elephant Animal charity shop. We need GOOD quality white elephants, toys, books and linen. ALL proceeds go towards the sterilization of animals in the townships. Contact June Cilliers at 021-8872784.

Grade 11's

Grade 11 Confirmation Class resume this week and meetings take place at David's home in Die Boord. For more information contact Audrey or visit her at the church office. We are very excited to journey with you.

21 September 2014
19 October 2014 Confirmation


June Tocknell creates attractive cards. They are sold at R5.00 each at the secretary's office and the money goes to the Stellenbosch United Church Benevolent Fund

Trauma Centre 2014

We will continue to support the Kayamandi Trauma Centre this year. Please collect a 'Coin Bottle' on the table in the porch and fill it with your 'spare coins', and hand it in at the secretary's office when it is full. The total has risen to R1163.00. Thank you for your faithful support.

New Bible Study

A New Bible study focusing on 2 Corinthians started only this year! If you would like to be part of this group please Contact Carol 021-8871781, 073 534 3738,

A message from Night Shelters in Stellenbosch

Stellenbosch Night ShelterThere are currently two shelters for the Homeless in Stellenbosch: the Stellenbosch Night Shelter and the Municipal Shelter. Both shelters are run by the Stellenbosch Night Shelter Committee. Please do not give money to beggars. Stellenbosch is a caring community and practical help is available.

What can I do to help?

Meals:   We welcome any supplements to our basic menu of soup and bread.

Clothes:   Clothing, especially men's clothing and shoes are in great demand.

Goods:   Donations of toiletries, blankets, coffee, sugar, cleaning materials and rubbish bags are welcome.

Job Creation:   You can make a valuable contribution by passing on possible employment opportunities. Many residents are gardeners or domestic workers.

Development Projects:   We welcome projects which improve the quality of life or skills of our residents. In the interests of residents' welfare, projects are selected very carefully.

Services:   We welcome volunteers who offer specialised services for free or at cost, e.g. maintenance, garden supervision etc.

Relief Supervising:   Relief supervisor work involves taking over the supervisor's duties for one night.

Funds:   The Stellenbosch Night Shelter needs financial support to cover it's running costs. (Bank: ABSA, Account: 1060131020, Branch: 632005)


Small Projects


We welcome your second hand books. For more information contact Audrey, the church secretary or come to her office between 08h15 and 13h00 to browse through our book shelves.


It's all in the name - Care Coins. This year we will be supporting the Trauma Centre and the Soup Kitchen. Please take an empty bottle from the entrance porch table and fill it with your loose change.

This Month

Friday 01 August 2014 | Poitjie and Bingo Evening | The Table restaurant at De Meye wine farm at 19h00 to 22h30. First 50 persons to book as venue can only take 50 people. No children under 16 unfortunately. Cost will be R60 per head excluding drinks. Lifts will be arranged for those not wishing to travel at night. Book with Audrey at the church office.

Sunday 3 August 2014 | Renewal and Reformation Meeting | This Renewal and Reformation Meeting will take in church hall at 11h15. We welcome your participation in this process

Saturday 9 August 2014 | National Woman's Day | Public holiday

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Official | The Stellenbosch United Church official facebook page. We encourage all members and friends to share event photos and information.

Youth | All youth at Stellenbosch United Church are all welcome and this is a great place to get the latest information regarding small groups and programs.

Students | This group, led by David Hunter, meets each Wednesday from 17h30 at 3 Blenheim Rd, Die Boord. We also have a "Bucket list" for 2014