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United Church Golf Day
20 November 2014
Devonvale Golf Club

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About Stellenbosch United Church

Mine eyes shall be open and mine ears attend unto the prayer that is made in this place
23rd December 1925

Our congregation's history began in 1899 when we were establised as a Presbyterian Congregation. We became the Stellenbosch United Church in 1990, when the congregation decided to unite at a local level with the Uniting Congregational Church of Southern Africa. We therefore represent both the United Presbyterian Church of Southern Africa and the Uniting Congregational Church in Southern Africa

Care Coins

It's all in the name - Care Coins. This year we will be supporting the Trauma Centre and the Soup Kitchen. Please take an empty bottle from the entrance porch table and fill it with your loose change.

Total has risen to R1460.00.

Weekly Reflection

The Farmer Waits

James 5:7-8 "See how the farmer waits for the precious fruit of the earth."
His eyes, bleached blue
narrowed against the glare
reach through rumpled skin, supple tanned
below a two-toned forehead
He sits silent
all action stilled, surrendered
to the stool, the stoep, the ploughed soil
stretching to a haze of hills on the horizon
He knows no self separate from the stones and scrub
bequeathed to him by souls long gone
The sound of their voices speaks to him still
in the clatter of a windpump,
murmuring gums
interrupted by a duet of doves
and weavers twittering in the pepper tree
drooping next to the dusty dam
He toiled in time, tilling the good soil
sowed the seed in season
and now waits patiently
resting in the faithfulness of the Creator.

Katharine Berger
26 October 2014

Notice Board

  • Annual Golf Day

    The Annual Golf Day takes place at Devonvale on Thursday 20th November. Prize giving at Knorhoek. Last year R100, 000.00 was raised which bolstered the church coffers substantially! This year the fee is R700.00 per player (R2800 per Fourball) This includes the golf, meal, wine and other drinks at the farm. Contact Mark Philp at Cel 0825666315

  • Books

    Thank you for your continued support. Total sold R5454.00

  • Love to Give

    In the August newsletter we were told about ‘Love to Give’, a programme to empower women. Please support this extremely important venture by bringing clothes, household goods etc. for them to sell and thereby support their children. Drop at the office and we will deliver. Thank you.

  • Prayer Focus: Conversations with God

    Prayer Focus: Conversations with God. Tuesday’s and Friday’s 11h30 till 12h30 for prayer in the Meeting room. Join this faithful group of people. You are all most welcome. Prayer can help!

  • Wildflowers bloom again

    The wildflowers are in bloom again and I will be doing several daytrips. R300 per person includes drinks/snacks. The sun has to shine or flowers don't show their faces Vaigan`s day trips and shuttle. Contact June. 082 898 3773.

  • New Bible Study

    There is a new bible study starting on Mondays or Tuesdays 8 to 9pm, contact Carol 021-8871781,, 073 534 3738.

  • White Elephant Animal charity shop

    EnviroVet Community Veterinary Clinics has opened a White Elephant Animal charity shop. We need GOOD quality white elephants, toys, books and linen. ALL proceeds go towards the sterilization of animals in the townships. Contact June Cilliers at 021-8872784.

  • Beautiful Cards

    June Tocknell creates attractive cards. They are sold at R5.00 each at the secretary's office and the money goes to the Stellenbosch United Church Benevolent Fund

Weekly Readings

20th Sunday after Pentecost. The texts focus on God’s commandments, His ways – the way He wants us to live our daily lives

  • Sun

    Deut 34: 1-12

    The death of Moses and Moses acclaimed as a great prophet who loved God’s way

  • Mon

    Matt 5: 1-12

    The beatitudes – blessings promised for those who live in God’s way

  • Tue

    1 Thess 2: 1-8

    Paul confirming a life lived to sharing and preaching the gospel out of love for God and others

  • Wed

    Psalm 1

    Blessed is the person who walks in the way of the Lord

  • Thur

    Matt 22:34-46

    Love of God and your neighbor is the greatest commandment

  • Fri

    Leviticus 19: 1-18

    The way the Lord our God wants us to live our daily lives

  • Sat

    Psalm 90

    “Satisfy us in the morning with your unfailing love”

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the service times?

    Services are held at church on Sundays

    • Sunday Morning 09:30 (Children’s workshop and crèche)
    • Sunday Evening 19:00
  • Can I get Married at Stellenbosch United Church?

    We do weddings and other events. Please ontact us for more details or to make any necessary arrangements

    • Physical Address: 8 Van Riebeek Street, Stellenbosch, 7600
    • Tell: +2721 887 0495
    • Email:
    • Office Hours: 08:00 - 13:00
  • Is there a student bible study group?

    Yes, we meet on Wednesdays, 17:15 at David's home in Die Boord. We are currently busy with the gospel of Mark

  • What can I do to help the homeless?

    A list by Night Shelters in Stellenbosch

    • Meals: We welcome any supplements to our basic menu of soup and bread.
    • Clothes: Clothing, especially men's clothing and shoes are in great demand.
    • Goods: Donations of toiletries, blankets, coffee, sugar, cleaning materials and rubbish bags are welcome.
    • Job Creation: You can make a valuable contribution by passing on possible employment opportunities. Many residents are gardeners or domestic workers.
    • Development Projects: We welcome projects which improve the quality of life or skills of our residents. In the interests of residents' welfare, projects are selected very carefully.
    • Services: We welcome volunteers who offer specialised services for free or at cost, e.g. maintenance, garden supervision etc.
    • Relief Supervising: Relief supervisor work involves taking over the supervisor's duties for one night.
    • Funds: The Stellenbosch Night Shelter needs financial support to cover it's running costs. (Bank: ABSA, Account: 1060131020, Branch: 632005)

Funds & Projects

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+2721 887 0495
Monday–Friday, 8 AM–1:15 PM
Student co-ordinator
+2771 218 8288
Monday–Friday, 8 AM–4:45 PM
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Name: Stellenbosch United Church
Bank: Standard Bank
Acc No: 072269901
Branch Code: 05061045
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Physical Address
8 Van Riebeek Street
Stellenbosch, 7600
Western Cape
South Africa
+2721 887 0495
available 24 hours a day
Stellenbosch United Church, Stellenbosch, Western Cape, South Africa

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